Most requested features for Perfex SaaS module

As part of the sales team and a user of SaaS module for my business, I am opening this thread to request a specific feature at the development team that I believe would further elevate the capabilities of the Perfex SaaS Module. This feature would greatly benefit my business and help me streamline my operations even more effectively. Im leaving this thread open so other members can add their replies with valuable suggestions.

The feature Im interested about is a Customizable Dashboard: The ability to customize the SuperAdmin with key performance indicators (KPIs) tgat would provide valuable insights at a glance and enable me to monitor critical metrics more efficiently.

I believe that incorporating KPI features into the SaaS Module for Perfex CRM would make it an even more powerful tool for businesses like mine. I am confident that your team’s expertise and commitment to excellence will enable you to bring these features to life.

Thank you for considering my suggestions in advance. I look forward to seeing these features in the next update and continuing to grow my business with the SaaS Module for Perfex CRM.


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