Automatic cPanel/WHM Installation

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Tokenized Method (older versions)

If you are using cPanel/WHM, you can generate an API token and have automatic provisioning of tenants. Here are the steps to create a token within your cPanel/WHM installation:

1. Login to cPanel as the desired cPanel user

2. Click on the “Manage API Tokens” icon

3. Enter a name for the API token. The name is arbitrary and is only to help you remember what the API token is being used for.

4. Select an expiration, or leave it without an expiration

5. Click the blue Create button

6. Copy your token to a safe place

You now need to paste this token at the “cPanel API Token” field of the SaaS module’s settings and choose “I have cPanel” radio button in the configuration type.

cPanel Username / Password Method (newer versions)

The last versions of the module do support cPanel connections through username/password.
Head to the settings area, enter your cPanel username and password in the respective fields and you are ready to go!

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