What Can I Do with the SaaS Module for Perfex CRM?

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Perfex CRM is a popular CodeIgniter-based CRM that is widely used by businesses of all sizes. While the platform offers a wide range of features and capabilities, there are some gaps that can be addressed with the help of the SaaS module.

Our SaaS module for Perfex CRM enables you to create multitenant installations of Perfex CRM and charge end users for their installation usage. This means that you can offer Perfex CRM as a service to your clients, enabling them to access the platform without having to install and manage it themselves.

With the SaaS module, you can create separate installations of Perfex CRM for each of your clients, each with its own unique domain, branding, and user accounts. You can set up different pricing plans for each installation, depending on the features and services that you offer.

Big benefits of the SaaS module Perfex CRM

One of the key benefits of using the SaaS module for Perfex CRM is that it enables you to scale your business and reach more customers. By offering Perfex CRM as a service, you can attract clients who may not have the resources or expertise to install and manage the platform themselves. Plus, with the ability to create multiple installations, you can serve a wide range of industries and markets.

Another advantage of using the SaaS module for Perfex CRM is that it enables you to generate recurring revenue from your clients. Instead of selling Perfex CRM as a one-time purchase, you can offer it as a subscription service, which can help to stabilize your cash flow and provide a more predictable revenue stream.

Overall, our SaaS module for Perfex CRM can help you to streamline your business, expand your reach, and generate more revenue. Whether you are a Perfex CRM user looking to offer the platform as a service, or a service provider looking to add Perfex CRM to your offerings, the SaaS module is an essential tool that can help you to achieve your goals.

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